International Bearing Exhibition
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2016 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition (the 15th session) will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from September 20 to 23, 2016. Covering an area of 55000Sq.m. with estimated nearly 1000 exhibitors and 60000 visitors will gather together. During the exhibition, Shanghai International Bearing Summit Forum, the connection between production and demand, and a series of technical seminars will be held accordingly. Discuss about the development trend of bearings market and case studies.
China International Bearing Industry Exhibition, since it first held by China Bearing Industry Association in 1990, has passed more than 20 years and been more mature and internationalization. By the year of 2014, the 14th session, the exhibition area reached to 53000Sq.m. which gathered 869 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions and many of them are world famous enterprises. The exhibition has become the world largest fair in the field of bearing industry and provided the best platform for business talking. The four days show attracted more than 55000 professional visitors from 50 countries and regions.

Professional spirit is the driving force of the bearing exhibition. At this international platform, you will find:

Bearings and related: 
Standard Bearings, Special bearings, Bearing Components, Bearings Grease, Lubricates and related Chemical Products

CNC Lathe, Grinder & Super-finishing Machine, Metal Forming Machine, Cold Rolling Machine, Hot Rolling Machine, Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment equipment, Inspection, Measuring, Gauging and Testing Equipment, Other Machine Tool Auxiliary Equipment

Abrasive Product, Cutting Tool, Work-Holding Device & Related Product, Information, Consultation, Service

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