1.     Provide  Steel Balls with following:

Excellent quality and reasonable price,

One-Stop Shopping,we can provide Carbon steel ball / Chrome(Bearing) steel ball / Stainless steel ball .

Custom cost low, including Custom Packaging

Delivery to customers internationally“just-in-time”.

Developing new material products according customers requirement.


2.    Provide On Site Support For Customers

To be Partnering with our Customers,Break through the geographical restrictions,and Save your Time & Money.

Organizations today face many difficult and unexpected challenges,our service-oriented organization continually strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. Throughout our existence, we have developed strong partnerships with our customers. These partnerships are ased on understanding the customer’s challenges and providing innovative solutions. We have been making our customers more competitive, our customers experience less rework and downtime thus realizing a lower total cost of ownership.


It is much more than just a supplier and world-class professional services for steel balls and related products & service .

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